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DPL Therapy System


The two large panels provide excellent skin coverage and infrared and visible red lights at different wavelengths make it ideal for anti-aging and pain relief. The DPL Therapy System uses high quality medical grade LEDs and has been FDA cleared as a Class II Medical Device. The stand allows for hands free operation and the velcro straps make it the easiest for pain relief management. It has a lot of glowing reviews from dedicated users and is one of the strongest products available for the home market.

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Two large panels provide good skin coverage and infrared and visible red lights at different wavelengths help with anti-aging and pain relief. Developed using NASA based technology the DPL Therapy System uses medical grade LEDs and has been FDA cleared as a Class II Medical Device. It allows for hands free operation and has a lot of glowing reviews from dedicated users.

With its two large panels providing 126 square inch coverage it is the largest of the home based Red Light Therapy systems. It provides a natural, safe, chemical free and non evasive way to help improve numerous painful conditions, repair damaged skin and reduce the effects of aging.

Deep Penetrating Light works because your body can absorb infrared light which it then uses as an energy source to stimulate cellular regeneration. The depth to which the light penetrates your body is determined by the wavelength used with deeper penetration (880nm) being best for pain relief and shallower penetration (660nm) being best for your skin. The DPL Therapy System uses both wavelengths with the panels having 154 880nm infrared LEDs & 20 660nm red LEDs so you get the benefit in both areas. It is worth noting that you won’t be able to see the infrared lights working on the panel but they make quite a lightshow if you take a photo of them with a digital camera!

This model is is at the top end of prices for the home based red light therapy systems but we found the best price to be at Amazon. Take a look at the Amazon Price or compare prices from other retailers.

Skin Treatment

The visible red LEDs that penetrate to a depth of 8-10 mm help your skin in many ways – for your looks it will tighten your skin, smooth wrinkles and rough spots, reduce redness and shrink pore size. It will also help with damaged tissue, cuts, scars, wounds and infections.

Pain Relief

At the 880nm wavelength the infrared lights are going to be penetrating your skin to a depth of around 30-40mm which makes it effective for deep muscle, bone and joint problems. It will improve circulation, relax muscles and relieve pain and stiffness (particularly with arthritis sufferers).

With the panels placed on the stand it is very easy to treat your face and neck with this system. With the panels off the stand you can use them individually or in combination and Velcro straps are provided to keep them in place. There is a 17 minute treatment timer and full instructions are provided on the duration and length of treatment you should undertake.

For skin improvement the key to success with the DPL Therapy System is that you stick with it, the effects are cumulative. When it comes to aches and pains you can obviously use it as and when required.

Features And Specification

  • Infrared and visible red lights for skin improvement and pain relief
  • Two panels providing 126 square inch coverage
  • Stand and Velcro straps for versatility and hands free operation
  • Medical grade LEDs and FDA cleared as a Class II Medical Device
  • Automatic timer
  • No UV Light Rays or damaging heat
  • Instruction booklet
  • Quick Start Guide
  • One Year Warranty

Customer Reviews

For a system such as this we think it is best that we start with the owners who have had their machine for a while as they are the only ones that will be able to truly comment on its long term effectiveness.

One lady from Oregon who has owned a DPL Therapy System for a year has been very pleased with her results, she said ‘What I really like about this product is that if used correctly and consistently for the first month you only need to use it 2 – 3 times a week thereafter and it actually REPAIRS and RESTORES your skin and the collagen in it, so it’s not some fake, stiff wrinkle glue you adhere to your face and hope your sweetie doesn’t meet you in the shower without it. I love this product and have had people ask me, “WHAT ARE YOU USING ON YOUR SKIN? YOU ARE GLOWING!”‘

Another lady owner of 2½ years states that ‘it really works’ and that she now seriously looks 10-15 years younger – ‘I use it once a day, in a few places. I use it for adult acne, and for pain areas when needed too. I had deep smile creases and furrows in between my eyebrows, was getting crow’s feet and saggier skin – i.e. reptile neck and age spots. I looked my age, mid forties. Now I look 10-15 years younger…seriously! I didn’t see a difference over night, but now when I see my old classmates, they think I’ve found a youth fountain (had 25 yr reunion and they all said I was the one who looked the most unchanged). NO one has guessed my age even close anymore.’

Long term and correct usage clearly pays dividends for some owners but there are also a lot of owners who notice good results within the 1st weeks or months of owing their DPL Therapy System. After just a week one reviewer has reported the lightening of dark spots that she had battling with cream for years. Indeed most owners who stick with it are reporting within a short time frame firmer skin texture, tone, fewer wrinkles, less puffiness under the eyes and a clearer complexion.

Many are also finding using the DPL Therapy System better than other treatments they have tried. One lady who had been using microdermabrasion and renova said that this was the more effective treatment. Another lady had the following to say ‘Unlike alpha-hydroxy and glycolic acid, retinols, and other topicals, it is not irritating, and has yielded better results for me. If definite, moderate skin improvement is worth the investment to you, this is a great device.’

When it comes to pain relief this model has also gained a large number of admirers. Most have had success with relief from aches and pains and for one lady it helped with the discomfort from her foot, ankle and lower back. One lady with tendonitis reported more success with just 3 treatments when compared to more than 2 years of conventional moist heat, massage and sessions with her chiropractor.

Mrs Levy from Los Alamos also had a success story that she wanted to share – ‘My 55 year old husband has Dupuytren’s Contracture, a condition of the hands in which tendons shorten and cause fingers to curl toward the palm. Over time, hands are unable to open fully. He had been considering surgery to correct the condition. I had bought the DPL LED light for pain relief. Clients (I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist) had told me that red light therapy helps with nerve pain in the feet, this is initially why I purchased the product. Before I could bring it to my office he decided to try light treatments on his hands. After three weeks he is able to straighten his ring finger and little finger further than he has been able to in years. I had not read anywhere that light treatments could help tendons relax. This was a totally unexpected result. We are thrilled. He also had other tendons in his body tightening and this light has helped greatly in areas other than his hands. My husband is very western medicine based so for him to try “light treatments” is quite a leap.’

The DPL Therapy System is not a miracle cure and as we have already said success depends upon you using it properly and sticking with it. There are some issues which people have with it and there are also a small number of people who say it doesn’t work for them. Some people took issue with the base, they just didn’t think it was strong or durable enough and that it was too easy for the panels to fall off (this may be because it was not set up correctly – we have included a set up video at the bottom of this page). One person complained about the length of the power cable and there are a few people that would have liked to be able to set the length of the timer themselves. Two ladies reported getting spots of discoloration where they applied the light and so took the decision to stop the treatment.

If you decide to take the plunge with the DPL Therapy System then please take on board these tips from other owners:

  • Follow the instructions, treat it like a ‘work out’ and stick with it
  • The benefits are cumulative and you won’t get them without time and dedication on your part
  • Be careful with the stand and make sure that you ‘lock’ the two panels in place in their holders
  • The results are better the closer you get to the lights. Don’t worry about laying the panels directly on your skin, even your face, they get warm but they don’t burn.

You can read more customers reviews for the DPL Therapy system at Amazon.com.

Our Recommendation

The DPL Therapy System is not a miracle device for everybody but overall the testimonials are mightily impressive. To improve your skin you have to stick with it, especially at the start. This is going to mean that you will need to dedicate the time to do it – and you won’t be able to read or drink tea during a treatment as you need to get really close to the lights – this is what audio books were invented for! It works incredibly well for pain relief although sticking the panels on with velcro can feel a little clunky and cumbersome. It is not the cheapest device around and so we would have liked to have seen a better quality stand and tougher materials. Ultimately these niggles are just niggles and this therapy system, if used properly, can show tremendous results and it is for that reason that we highly recommend it.

Buy it at Amazon.com.

Clinical Study

Click here to view a PDF document containing statistics gained from a clinical study on the efficacy of the DPL Therapy System. This PDF also contains some impressive “before and after” photographs of participants of the study before and after the 10 week trial – take a look – we think you’ll be impressed!

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