Red Light Therapy

red light therapy being used for pain reliefred light therapy being used to combat agingBe it for pain relief or anti-aging then a Red Light Therapy device can be a valuable asset. Although relatively new to the home market the technology has been around for a while and the great results and testimonials from around the web are continuing to grow. We have pulled together what we believe to be the most relevant and up to date information and provided you with in depth product reviews of the top home based models. Use the navigation in the sidebar to find your way around and if there is anything else you would like to see or if you have a question then please contact us.

What Is Red Light Therapy
Red Light Therapy is a therapeutic treatment of various medical and age related concerns by stimulating the body’s natural defenses through using red tinted light. The foundation of the therapy lies in nature and how natural light from the sun provides the body with myriad benefits. Among the colors of the spectrum of sunlight, red light helps activate adenosine triphosphate (ATP) found in muscle tissues, which generates more energy for use. It also increases the production of collagen which works to fill in fine lines and wrinkles in the treated areas.
Buying Guide
There is limited standardization of the red light technology amongst the home based models and so you have numerous light combinations and wavelengths to choose from. Our buying guide will help you to determine which lights will be best for you. Some models excel at curing acne whilst some are better in the fight against aging whilst other models excel at pain relief so it helps to know which is which. Beyond the technology itself you also need to consider if a handheld or stand based model is best for the way you would like to carry out your treatments.



DPL Therapy System DPL Therapy System
Two large panels provide good skin coverage and infrared and visible red lights at different wavelengths help with anti-aging and pain relief. Developed using NASA based technology this system uses medical grade LED’s and has been FDA cleared as a Class II Medical Device. It allows for hand free operation and has a lot of glowing reviews from dedicated users.
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ANSR Beam and Charger ANSR Beam and Charger
It charges like a mobile phone, is extremely portable and offers both blue and red light therapy. The ANSR Beam and Charger has a heap of positive reviews and a lot of success stories. When it comes to acne for a lot people the ANSR Beam is the answer but for anti-aging it is probably in the mid range of the products that we have reviewed for effectiveness.
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Baby Quasar Red Baby Quasar Plus
Based upon their successful professional equipment Baby Quasar have developed a hand held Red Light Therapy product for home use. The product uses red and infrared light at 4 different wavelengths and this 2nd generation model has technology to target crow’s feet. Beneficial for skin conditions, anti-aging and pain relief most owners are reporting good results but you have to set the time aside, follow the instructions and stick with it.
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Evis MD Platinum Evis MD Platinum
This is one of the strongest performing Red Light Therapy devices currently available for the home market. FDA approved and giving medical grade performance most owners are finding that the EVIS MD Platinum is delivering on its promise of smoother, healthier, firmer, more even-toned and radiant skin. The only real downside is that a few owners have complained about bad service from the manufacturer when it was needed.
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